Anyone can be a millionaire or billionaire from Bitcoin investment

The successful discovery of decentralized digital cash by Satoshi Nakamoto led to an increase in the demand of crypto currencies.  This decentralized cash system is where its users without control of intermediaries power the network. Nonetheless, the central bank and the government have no control of this system. Therefore, investors can transact business without any government intervention or disturbance. The security of   Crypto currencies attracts many investors. One of the crypto currencies on high demand for investment is Bitcoin.  Many people transact business online using Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is one of the most popular and widely used types of crypto currency in the market.  It is the pioneer of block chain technology, which made digital money possible. It is the first decentralized network that does not require a central authority or an intermediary such as bank or PayPal. Consequently, there are minimum costs in the transaction. Notably, its transactions are irreversible hence; it is advisable to deal with a trustworthy party. In addition, with Bit coin, inflation and counter fate is impossible. This makes Bitcoin a viable investment area.

Bitcoin trading attracts very many people to invest in it. This is because of its profitability. I t is profitable to both the professionals and the new entry investors. The market is wide and therefore can accommodate more investors. The volatility of the Bitcoin is the one responsible for attracting new investors into the crypto currency business. Therefore, it offers a good investment opportunity for those who wish to utilize their money and earn extra money.

In conclusion, anyone can be a millionaire or billionaire from Bitcoin investment.  For example, Erik Finman is a teenage Bit coin millionaire.  He started with little capital as low as 12 dollars in May 2011. After receiving a gift of 1000 dollars from his grandmother, he invested the money the Bit coin trading and increased his Bitcoins to 403 with a value 2600 dollars, which has accumulated to a stash of 1.08 million dollars, making him a young Bitcoin millionaire. This is indeed a great motivation to beginners and those willing to invest in future.

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